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Ginosi Opens Two New Locations in Washington, DC


Washington, DC Ginosi opened not one but two new locations in downtown Washington, DC. With its apartels the US capital already among its most popular, Ginosi sought further expansion in the DC area. By partnering with DARO Management, Ginosi was able to open one group of five apartments at t...

Ginosi Expands Again in Downtown Los Angeles


Wilshire Suites Ginosi has once again added apartments in Downtown Los Angeles. Ten new apartments will soon come online on Wilshire Boulevard and be known as the Wilshire Suites. With excellent access to both LA Live and other Los Angeles hotspots, this will give our guests another option for the...

Ginosi Adds Sixty Five Apartments in Hollywood


Panorama Suites Hollywood is one of Ginosi’s most popular destinations and we are excited to announce the addition of sixty-five new apartments as part of the Ginosi Panorama Apartel. The Panorama is located just a few steps from Hollywood Boulevard and will give Ginosi an even greater prese...

Ginosi Opens The Centric Apartel in Castelldefels, Spain


Castelldefels Apartel We are proud to announce our expansion in Castelldefels, Spain. Just 20 minutes by train from Barcelona, the Ginosi Centric Apartel will feature fifteen apartments in one of Spain’s most popular tourist regions. Castelldefels was a new type of project for Ginosi. Origin...

Seattle Expansion Continues


The expansion continues and we have acquired 8 more apartments to meet the high demand we had.

Ginosi Apartments Enters Chicago With 8 Apartments


We are happy to announce that we have acquired 8 apartments in Chicago and will provide service here too.