Providing Relief Support to Communities in Armenia


YEREVAN--As part of the company’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility, Ginosi Apartels recently gifted goods in-kind from its...

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Ginosi Open in Oakland


We are excited to announce the opening of the East Bay Apartel in downtown Oakland, California. This will be Ginosi's first Apartel in the Bay area fe...

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Announcing Ginosi Apartels


Last year we made a decision to become a global apartel chain, with properties in both Europe and US. Our success in this endeavor caused the image an...

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Ginosi Contributes Monetary Support to Wounded Soldiers and Affected Civilians in Artsakh


Ginosiks, like many people in Armenia, have been deeply affected by the recent events on the entire Artsakh - Azerbaijan line of contact. As a respons...

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Ginosi is Proud to Observe International Migrants Day


2015 has seen an unprecedented number of migrants seeking opportunity elsewhere or safety from difficult or dangerous situations in their homeland. At...

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Ginosi Adds Twelve Apartments in Seattle


Ginosi is excited to announce yet another expansion in Seattle, this time in the Lower Queen Anne District along Seattle’s waterfront. The location wi...

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Ginosi Adds Three Bedroom Product in Chicago


For the first time ever, Ginosi will offer three bedroom apartments as a product type. These new apartments were added to the Chicago Old Colony Apart...

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From Apartments Centric to the Ginosi Basics Centric Apartel


In November of 2014, the Apartments Centric in Castelldefels, Spain became the Ginosi Basics Centric Apartel operated by Ginosi Apartments. Although t...

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Ginosi Adds Locations in Playa Vista


Playa Vista Ginosi's footprint in the Los Angeles area continues to grow, this time in Playa Vista. The expansion is in two buildings near one anothe...

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Our Opinion on the Recent LA Times Article


A recent LA Times article discussed the Department of Building and Safety’s ruling on Ginosi’s operations at our Sunset and Gordon location. Although...

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Ginosi Opens Two New Locations in Washington, DC


Washington, DC Ginosi opened not one but two new locations in downtown Washington, DC. With its apartels the US capital already among its most popula...

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Ginosi Expands Again in Downtown Los Angeles


Wilshire Suites Ginosi has once again added apartments in Downtown Los Angeles. Ten new apartments will soon come online on Wilshire Boulevard and be...

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