Providing Relief Support to Communities in Armenia


YEREVAN--As part of the company’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility, Ginosi Apartels recently gifted goods in-kind from its global headquarters in Yerevan, Armenia, to HelpPIN, a non-governmental organization supporting at-risk communities in the country, working to end poverty and fight hunger.


After Ginosi Apartels made the decision to end its short-stay rental operations in Yerevan to instead focus on growing international markets, many household goods and appliances from the apartels were left unused. The goods have since made their way to families in the village of Arjut, in the northern Lori province.  

providing relief support to communities in armenia


Arjut suffers from acute poverty. The village is populated by Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan, and residents there still feel the effects of the 1988 Spitak earthquake. Many live in the temporary housing provided after the earthquake 29 years after the disaster. Unemployment means that the population of the village has dropped dramatically due to emigration, from around 1,200 families to 600 families today.


Kitchenware, bedroom ware, linens, and furniture from the company’s previous apartels in Yerevan, and computers from the Ginosi Yerevan office, were given as immediate relief support to the residents of Arjut through helpPIN.


We bring our passion for hospitality to the communities we operate in. From offering immediate relief assistance to supporting local arts, sports, and development projects, Ginosi is committed to strengthening communities and making investments for a lasting impact.

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