Press Release: Launch of Partnership in Switzerland With Magnolia Sky Holding AG


Hotel Management Technology Leader Ginosi and Swiss Hospitality Firm Magnolia Sky Holding Launch Partnership in Davos Klosters

    March 25, 2020

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          Ginosi Hospitality Management announces today the launch of a partnership with Swiss hospitality firm Magnolia Sky Holding AG.

            The collaboration will begin in Davos-Klosters, where Ginosi will assume management of the Madrisa Lodge as of 1 April 2020.

              Ginosi is a company at the forefront of hotel management technology and innovation whose software and services are a perfect match for small to midsize independent hospitality properties of all types, including mountain lodges.

                Built around the concept of a self-hosting hotel, Ginosi technology will automate and optimize operations at the Madrisa Lodge. Ginosi CEO Areg Ginosian stated that “the synergy between Ginosi and Magnolia Sky Holding, and the impact of innovation on a firm with a strong presence in the Swiss market will set the foundations of a forward leap for Swiss hospitality.”

                  Magnolia Sky Holding operates several Hotels in Davos Klosters and in other parts of Switzerland. President Tom Umiker is excited about the new partnership with Ginosi. According to Umiker “the biggest cost in hospitality is labor, and Ginosi has a new way of massively reducing that cost without compromising guest comfort.“

                    After the successful implementation of Ginosi systems at Madrisa Lodge in Klosters the two companies plan to extend the partnership to other hotels.

                      About Ginosi Hospitality Management

                        Ginosi is an innovative hotel management company delivering the competitive advantage of new business intelligence to hotels through its proprietary Hotel Intelligence Platform (HIP™) and A-to-Z hotel management system.

                          The Ginosi platform employs over one hundred software modules built on advanced algorithms that optimize the entire web of hotel operations. The company seamlessly blends innovation and application to bring top-line and bottom-line gains to hospitality businesses.

                            About Magnolia Sky Holding AG

                              Magnolia Sky Holding is a Swiss asset management company based in the town of Zug.

                                Ginosi Madrisa Lodge

                                  Ginosi Madrisa Lodge Interior

                                    Ginosi Madrisa Lodge Interior

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