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Ginosi pledges donation to Japan for reservations until April 24th 2011


Ginosi has launched a charity program for the victims of the recent Japan tsunami disaster which has affected the lives of thousands of people. 

In a press release stated that the company chose to donate $5 of their own revenue for every booking received between now and April 24th to the Heart to Heart International Japan Disaster Relief Fund. “Although many people refer to as The Armenia Booking website, we are a global company operating in the travel business and when disaster struck in Japan, we had no doubt in our minds that we needed to act on it” said Jivan Ginosian, the California based President of  “Throughout Armenia’s history, we have seen our share of pain and suffering and the helping hand of kind people from far away lands has often been the only beacon of hope in dire times. We know this too well and it is not by accident that the last day of our fund raiser is chosen to be April 24th. While we know we cannot turn time back and return the disrupted lives of the victims, we hope that our fund raising efforts will offer the affected survivors some comfort and small help in putting their shattered lives back together” said Mr. Ginosian.