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Ginosi Opens The Centric Apartel in Castelldefels, Spain


Castelldefels Apartel

We are proud to announce our expansion in Castelldefels, Spain. Just 20 minutes by train from Barcelona, the Ginosi Centric Apartel will feature fifteen apartments in one of Spain’s most popular tourist regions.

Castelldefels was a new type of project for Ginosi. Originally called the Apartments Centric, Ginosi approached building management with the idea of completely taking over the complex. The fifteen apartments in the building were refitted and renovated to match Ginosi standards. Careful planning and significant design work went into the renovation.

The building now features Ginosi branding, signage, and dedicated staff. It will be the first of many stand-alone apartels Ginosi plans to open under this model.

Here are a few apartments in Castelldefels:

The Gaudi Apartment,

El Cid Apartment,

The Albeniz Apartment.