Ginosi Makes Color Classifications


With the goal of improving online booking in Armenia and Georgia and making it more reliable, has set out to strengthen the bond with its local suppliers of accommodations listed on the website and its network. In order to be able to keep track of quality, has classified the properties into four  ‘color’ categories. The colors are Red, Orange, Gray and Black, which classify the product quality from best to worst respectively.

While the “Red List” represents products with continuous updates of information, satisfying service and most importantly good overall customer experience, the “Orange List“ includes products that have the potential of becoming “Red”, but are not quite there yet. The products that fall behind in terms of information accuracy, incompetitive pricing and provided service, are dumped into the “Gray List”. Measures are usually taken by to help improve the competitiveness of these products.

A product is likely to fall in the “Black List” when the property management overbooks leaving the guests without accommodation, tries to cheat ginosi's customers or when there are issues related with hygiene. Black listed properties are removed permanently from the network. believes that by rewarding properties that are committed to honest business practices and excellent customer service, the company can help to establishing an overall higher quality of travel experience for visitors to Armenia and Georgia.

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