Ginosi Launches an Online Contest


In 2011 Yerevan hotels and other types of tourist accommodations were brought online on a massive scale for the first time by Shortly after Ginosi launched its website on December 31, 2010 other online booking companies followed suit. Ginosi had set out to promote tourism not just in Yerevan but also in Tbilisi and the smaller towns and villages of Armenia and Georgia. Right from the start Ginosi has operated by principles of corporate social responsibility and prioritizing contribution to the local economies particularly with respect to job creation for young people with great potential. By presenting Armenia and Georgia as a travel product export, something much needed for both countries, put the Caucasus on the list of travel destinations of tourists from around the world.

Through a number of improvements and developments on in 2011, now the site features a complete online booking system in 7 languages, thorough descriptions of the Caucasian travel destinations, inspirational videos and points of interest, recently established and very informative travel blog, a partner management network and so on. In its first year of operation Ginosi has stayed vigilant about social issues in the Caucasus and around the world. Thus the company made a donation to the victims of Japan’s devastating earthquake only a few months after its launch and while still operating with a total net loss, has dropped biased local media channels from its list of marketing suppliers, and has introduced specific anti-discrimination language in its employment terms.

To celebrate its one year anniversary with the start of 2012 recently announced the "Yerevan 101 Contest" with the theme of Yerevan streets and businesses. is giving away a trip for two to Tbilisi for those who know Yerevan a little too well.” The challenge is to guess Yerevan street and venue names looking at original Yerevan pictures provided on Ginosi’s Facebook page and commenting your guess under each picture.

The online contest began on January 10, 2012 and is open for everyone willing to play detective and experience the full excitement of showing off their knowledge of Yerevan and getting to go to Tbilisi as a reward. The contestants have till February 10th to compete. The winner will be announced on February 15, 2012 and will get to travel to Tbilisi sometime between March and October 2012.

"We and our users post a lot of text, photo and video material on our Facebook page about travel in Armenia and Georgia and sometimes we get heated debates about places and neighborhoods and their whereabouts so we thought to offer this contest for all those users who think they know Yerevan really well. We want to offer them an opportunity to visit Tbilisi and get to know a new place. We expect the winner to be a young person without many opportunities to travel otherwise, but everyone has an equal opportunity to compete and win, as long as they play by the rules as explained on Ginosi’s Facebook page” says the US-based president of the company, Jivan Ginosian.

Some fanatic players collected more than twice the needed number of points to win within minutes of launch of the contest but new contestants still have good chances of getting ahead of those enthusiasts and winning the grand prize. will continue to post regular updates about the top three winning contestants until the contest closes on February 10.

In his closing statement about the developments in the coming year, Jivan Ginosian noted that Ginosi expects 2012 to be a year of active tourism in the Caucasus with a new record for the number of visitors to the region as well as a new record in the number of new players in the online market place for tourism in the region. This is great for the industry and is bound to improve quality and prices for the consumer, it’s an all around win-win situation. When asked if he is concerned at all about some of the strong competitors also having entered the Caucuses online travel market in 2011, Mr. Ginosian said "No, if we are excellent the customers will choose us, no matter what. If we are not excellent then we do not deserve to be chosen. It’s as simple as that...

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