Ginosi is Proud to Observe International Migrants Day


2015 has seen an unprecedented number of migrants seeking opportunity elsewhere or safety from difficult or dangerous situations in their homeland. At Ginosi, our thoughts today are with those still searching for safety and freedom on their path as migrants or refugees.

On this day in 1990, the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families was adopted. Since then, it has been observed as a day of speaking up on human rights issues regarding the fundamental freedoms of migrants by sharing their success stories, their experiences, and working to protect their interests. 

Ginosi Apartments is a proud international company which strives to integrate, understand, and highlight all cultures from around the world. With a diverse staff hailing from five continents, we embrace and are genuinely proud of our unique staff and what each person has to offer. In honor of International Migrants Day, we would like to celebrate the 20% of our Ginosiks who are migrants.

We believe that these special Ginosiks play a considerable role in keeping our company diverse and lively. Having enriched our organizational culture, they are an asset that adds to our overall productivity. They bring unique perspectives which help to enhance our influence in the hospitality industry.

Ginosi prides itself as a multicultural and multilingual company. Whether they are on our frontiers providing customer service to our guests, or at our headquarters dealing with the latest in innovative technology, our immigrant staff are a source of diverse knowledge and experience. Their contributions to our development cannot be underestimated. 

We would like to take the opportunity to feature some of our Migrant Ginosiks here: 


Shaghig’s journey to Ginosi is one of determination in the face of adversity. In her third year studying law in Aleppo, Syria’s civil war drove her family from their home and back to their hometown of Kessab. Her life and studies already interrupted, Kessab was soon invaded by ISIS and her family was again forced to move, this time to the port city of Latakia. She also found time to volunteer, helping Arab and Armenian children displaced by the war. 

We are proud of her perseverance in adapting to her new home in Armenia and her unwavering commitment to being the best Ginosik she can be.


You could probably guess that we have a French speaker on staff, but what about Bambara? Soussou? Peuhl? Karidja Sakanogo, speaks all of those in addition to English. Born in the beautiful West African nation of Côte d’Ivoire, Karidja grew up in a diverse, multicultural community. By the time she attended university in neighboring Senegal, she had learned two dialects from Guinea and one from Ivory Coast in addition to her native French. She went on to use her multilingual skills as a flight attendant until civil war forced her to immigrate to the United States.

Karidja is now the operations manager for all of our Washington, DC locations. Her warm personality and bright smile help our partnerships with both our guests and our business partners there.


Back in the technology hub at the Ginosi headquarters you will often find Narbeh Mirzaei, staring intently at complicated diagrams on one of the white-boards. Occasionally, he steps forward. erases a bit, scribbles something new, and steps back again. Narbeh is an Iranian born Armenian with a passion for computer science and software development. He moved to Armenia from Tehran at 17 to begin university and eventually graduated from Yerevan State University and later American University of Armenia. His past experience in the software outsourcing business gave him experience in a broad range of technologies, innovations, and business. 


In Seattle, Washington, Essayas is Ginosi’s Guest Experience Manager. Originally from Ethiopia, Essayas moved to Seattle three years ago. His family helped inspire him to make the big move. Fluent in both English and Amharic, he studies Hospitality Management while working simultaneously in the field. His first job was housekeeping supervisor in Hilton Bellevue and he has since used his determination and perseverance to climb the ladder of experience and personal development. 


Marisol Khadeyan repatriated to Armenia from Argentina. She volunteered in Armenia for eight months before she decided to move. In her hometown in Argentina, she taught Armenian culture to school-aged students. She strongly believe that the Armenian Diaspora should come back to the homeland stating that her decision to move is part of an experience for  both personal development as well as an opportunity to see how she could give back to Armenia as a repatriate. She felt that Ginosi was a perfect match. Ginosi was looking for a Spanish speaker and she was looking for a place where she could use her language skills. 

These are just a few of our Ginosiks who were or are migrants. Ginosi Apartments is an advocate for cultural diversity in the workplace and we support not only our migrants, but those all over the world. We believe that their experience makes us a better company and a better place to work. 

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