Ginosi Donates Furniture, Equipment From Washington DC Properties to Volunteers of America


A strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral and palpable part of Ginosi’s identity, and a key priority of that sense of responsibility is fighting poverty.

After exiting several properties in Washington DC, Ginosi has donated furniture, home appliances, electronics and other equipment from these properties worth over $157,000 to Volunteers of America (VoA).

VoA is one of the country’s largest non-profits supporting people in need, like disadvantaged families, the homeless, disabled, elderly and infirm, victims of substance abuse, war veterans with emotional and behavioral issues, and people with physical and mental disabilities.

Ginosi is an international apartel and hotel chain based in Yerevan with locations across the US and Europe. In the fall of 2018 the company rebranded as “Ginosi Apartels & Hotels”, and currently manages apartels and hotels in seven locations worldwide.

Washington DC

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