Ginosi Completes Rebranding Drive


“Ginosi Apartels” is now “Ginosi Apartels & Hotels”!

After completing a rebranding drive to reflect its new direction and the change to its portfolio of properties, Ginosi now operates as “Ginosi Apartels & Hotels” with a fresh logo design inspired by the company’s values and goals.

The rebranding also coincides with the phase-out of several apartel properties in LA, Seattle and Chicago, and the launch of Ginosi’s first hotels, the Arizona Hotel in Milan and the Pedralbes Hotel in Barcelona.

A Closer Look at Ginosi’s New Identity

What were the inspiration and the ideas behind the new logo design?

Ginosi Logo

Ginosi’s new elegant logo embodies the three components of Ginosi’s identity: Hospitality, Technology and Unity forming a single shape originally inspired by the Armenian letter “Գ”:

The front-facing firmly-grounded section represents Hospitality, the friendly face of Ginosi that greets all our guests.

The second section represents Technology, a multifaceted bridge that connects Ginosi’s locations and operations, enabling an international hospitality business to be run from a single location through creative innovation.

The third section represents Unity, the guiding principle that inspires everyone at Ginosi to work together to realize a shared vision.

Brand Colors

Ginosi Colors

Ginosi's primary color palette represents the company's identity through a sophisticated and professional True Blue, enhanced by a dynamic Deep Blue and complemented by a warm and inviting Burnt Apricot. Our new True Blue refreshes our brand palette and introduces a hue of sophistication to the theme of hospitality. A dynamic Deep Blue acts as a foundation enhancing the power of the True Blue. The Burnt Apricot beautifully complements the True Blue color, adding warmth to the brand pallette while accentuating the primary blue.

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