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Ginosi Completes Rebranding Drive


“Ginosi Apartels” is now “Ginosi Apartels & Hotels”! After completing a rebranding drive to reflect its new direction and the change to its portfolio of properties, Ginosi now operates as “Ginosi Apartels & Hotels” with a fresh logo design inspired by the company’s values an...

Ginosi Donates Furniture, Equipment From Washington DC Properties to Volunteers of America


A strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral and palpable part of Ginosi’s identity, and a key priority of that sense of responsibility is fighting poverty. After exiting several properties in Washington DC, Ginosi has donated furniture, home appliances, electronics and other e...

Ginosi Press Release About Transition to Apartels And Hotels


Ginosi Expects to Complete Transition to Apartels And Hotels in 2019 We Have Divested Bulk of Vacation Rental Portfolio, Rebranded as "Ginosi Apartels and Hotels" For Release 24 September 2018  Ginosi is evolving and rebranding. In the wake of recent articles in the LA Times and elsewhere that at...

Ginosi Apartels: Corporate Social Responsibility


“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” Albert Camus           Here is a quick rundown of our recent actions within the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility program:           Ginosi Apartels continued to support Armenia’s LGBT community ...

Ginosi Apartels Moves Out Of Washington DC


Ginosi Apartels announced from its headquarters in Yerevan, Armenia today that as of November 22, 2017, it has ceased its business operations in Washington D.C.   Speaking from the company headquarters in Armenia, CEO and co-founder Eric Ginosian said that the decision to withdraw from Washington ...

Ginosi Apartels Featured in "Regional Post - Caucasus"


YEREVAN—“Regional Post - Caucasus,” a bimonthly magazine focusing on the Caucasus region, recently sat down with Ginosi Apartels CEO Eric Ginosian to discuss what it’s like to operate an international company based in Yerevan for their special double issue focusing on the Armenian Diaspora...