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Yerevan Zoo

Established in 1940, Yerevan Zoo was originally known as the zoological garden of Yerevan and opened with just 1500 animals. The zoo spans 35 hectares and is tucked inside a scenic gorge.

The zoo has a wide range of animals from around the world including big cats, bears, and even an elephant. Currently, there are over 2300 animals from 215 different species at the zoo. The zoo also houses some very rare and endangered species including the Armenian bezoar goat. 

During May and June, the zoo can be quite busy as that is the best season to visit. Couples and families flock to the area in crowds on the weekends as the zoo is a favorite location for the city residents to have a picnic and socialize. 

Entrance fee and location

The entry fee is AMD 1000 (~$ 2). You can take the number 8 bus from across from the Opera House to get to the Zoo.

Points of Interest