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Yerevan Metro

The Yerevan Metro covers about 12 km (7.5 miles) of distance. There is only one line in operation which includes ten stops. The trains run every 5 minutes and closes at 11pm. The metro undergoes daily technical testing in order to ensure that it works in a normal and functioning state.

The number of passengers has increased during the last few years. Metro tokens cost 100 AMD (about 19 cents in Euros). You also can purchase a prepaid card instead of using tokens.

Yerevan Metro stations are deep underground and decorated with national motifs. 10 active stations are serviced by Yerevan Metro:

  • Barekamutyun (Friendship) Station is the last stop and is located in the north of the city. There is a large underground shopping area at this station.
  • Marshal Baghramian station is next to Lovers’ Park. It is the least overcrowded among the stations. House Museum of Aram Khachaturyan (an outstanding Armenian music composer, conductor, founder of Armenian national symphonic music and one of the fathers of Armenian classical music), Armenian National Academy of Sciences, the Parliament House, Writers' Union of Armenia, AUA (American University of Armenia) and British Council are located on Baghramyan Avenue.
  • Yeritasardakan (Youth) Metro station is located on Isahakian Street. The station is located close to the educational center of Yerevan and gathers the highest number of passengers. There are interesting architectural elements to be found both in the underground hall and the entrance lobby. There are many cafes, bistros and clothing stores near the vicinity of this metro station.
  • Hanrapetutyan Hraparak (Republic Square) metro station is located near the Republic Square. Vernissage is pretty close to this station. Near the “Hanrapetutian Hraparak” (the Republic Square) station entrance, there flows a fabulous water fountain, the silver beads of which can be seen from outside the station. If you are attentive you will observe the fountain playing with the sun, creating a rainbow which is both beautiful and worthy of notice. 
  • Zoravor Andranik metro station is next to "Kino Rossia," which is a large movie theatre converted into a marketplace. Yerevan State Pedagogical University, a nice park with amusement attractions as well as a church are located near this metro station.
  • Sasuntsi David metro station is located near a nice, large square, where the famous statue of Sasuntsi David (Armenia's epic hero) stands. There are many food markets in this area. The Yerevan Central Train Station is within easy reach of the metro stop. There you can catch a train to Gyumri, Sevan and Georgia. Lines to Turkey and Azerbaijan are closed.
  • The other 4 metro stations Gortsaranain (Factory), Shengavit, Charbakh, Garegin N'jhdehi Hraparak (Garegin N'jhde Square) are located in the suburbs of the city. It is a fun and good experience to take a metro and explore one of the suburbs of Yerevan. There you will see and explore the bustling squares and cheaper shopping.

Yerevan has an uneven landscape and because of this the metro sometimes goes above ground. Only Sassountsi David and Gortsaranayin stations lie above ground.

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