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Vernissage Market

Initially, this word denoted the inauguration of a modern exhibition. However, Vernissage has certainly been one of the most essential elements of Yerevan's cultural life.

It was founded in the 1980s by Armenian artists who displayed their works of art in the square before the Union of Armenian Artists. In the beginning, mostly art students displayed their work in a small park next to the Komitas Monument, in front of Yerevan's Conservatory. Later, Vernissage moved to the Saryan Monument, situated inside another small park facing the Main Hall of the Armenian Philharmonic Theater. It was then that it became the focal site of art exhibition in Yerevan. The market gradually enlarged, including the area between Nalbandian and Khandjian streets.

The Paintings' section of Vernissage is located near the Saryan statue at French Square, while the main market starts from the Republic Square metro station and goes up towards Khanjian Street.

Points of Interest