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Republic Square

During the Soviet Era, in the center of the square, the statue of one of the forefathers of socialism and founders of the USSR, Lenin, would stand proudly. The name of the square itself was then “Lenin Square”.

Now, the Republic Square is home to beautiful water fountains which are one of the favorite attractions for many Armenians of all ages and for the guests of the city. It is unique, because it is not only visually attractive, but includes the auditory factor as well, with synchronized musical and water schemes. It also gives a wide range of choice; you can hear a range of music from the Beatles, to Aram Khachaturian, popular soundtracks, also some Armenian pop and retro music.

Here are some of the buildings the Republic Square bears on itself:

The National Art Gallery, History Museum (both in the same, the highest building next to the fountains, north), the Government House (north-east), the Central post-office of the Republic of Armenia (south-east), “Marriott Armenia” hotel (south-west), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (north-west), etc.

The Square was designed by Alexander Tamanian. In the past, there stood a marketplace with a few scattered buildings, like the caravansary of the town. In fact, when construction began, some were really against it, arguing that Tamanian’s style of architecture was bourgeois, and that the new socialist Armenia did not need wide streets and big parks, that such things were a waste. Moscow did not stop Tamanian, however, even after an official letter was sent by some young socialists, including some architects. Many claim he would have been arrested in 1937, if he didn't pass away in 1936.

Various palettes of rose and of golden colors represent a vivid and attractive image. It is interesting to experience a beautiful sense of freedom in the square: the buildings suppress neither man, nor nature; moreover, the sky supports that sense of freedom from above, and without trees, the place would be quite poor, and the Water, cool and calm.

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