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Erebuni Museum


Erebuni was a major city in the vast, ancient kingdom of Urartu. Today its ruins are located in the city of Yerevan, which gets its name from Erebuni.

Yerevan's Erebuni museum was established in 1968. The opening of the museum coincided with the 2750th anniversary of the city. Today, it is a beloved spot for Yerevan locals because of its historical context and beautiful architectural design.

The ancient city-fortress that serves as a foundation for the museum was built by Argishti I – the King of Urartu. Historical records testify the year 782 BC as the date when it was built. The Erebuni Museum exhibits about 12235 samples. It was constructed by architects Baghdasar Arzoumanian, Shmavon Azatian, and sculptor A. Harutiunian. 

If you're hoping to get a glimpse of ancient Armenia, then be sure to visit the Erebuni Museum.


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