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Yerevan, Ancient Wonder of The Caucasus

Rich with history and a vibrant art scene, Yerevan embodies the perfect blend of old with new. Wide squares of pink-tufa buildings and long, tree-lined avenues exhibit both Soviet-era architecture and slicker, modern constructions. Fond of a slow-paced lifestyle, Yerevan locals stroll through parks and lounge in outdoor cafes. The music scene comes to life as soon as the sun goes down and draws local artists, intellectuals and tourists to a pub district that is always kicking.  You might say Yerevan is a small city with a big ego, but that’s what makes it lovable. Our short-stay apartments are centrally located to give you easy access to Yerevan's best destinations.

Ginosi Apartels in Yerevan

Transport Information:

  • Yerevan city center features the Metro which serves several downtown destinations
  • It also is home to excellent public bus service spanning out to all parts of the city.
  • Taxis are readily available along the street, but ensure that the taxi has a meter before riding to avoid high fares sometimes imposed on tourists.
  • Zvardnots Airport is about 20 minutes from the city center. Taxis with pre-established rates are available from the main terminal. A typical taxi fare from the airport is 4000AMD, or about $8 US.

Points of Interest