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Khosrov National Reserve

Today the nature reserve is home to over 1800 plant species, 40 kinds of mammals, and over 30 reptile species while a huge number of birds migrate through the reserve every year. Out of the nearly 30,000 hectares, 9000 are forested and some areas reach over 2250 metres above sea level.

The natural attractions and wildlife make the park an unforgettable experience. Travelers willing to spend time in the park will discover canyons, alpine meadows, waterfalls, ancient oaks, Bezoarian goats, Transcaucasian gray bears, griffins, and golden eagles just to name a few.

The park isn’t just home to incredible scenery and a plethora of wildlife, it is also home to ancient anthropological sites and archeological delights. Within the park lies the Geghard Monastery that is 15 centuries old, the castle of Gakavaberd and the ancient village of Imerzik along with many smaller sites throughout the park that hold various artifacts from an era long since passed.

The Khosrov Preserve is a vast area of virtually untouched beauty that is rarely ventured into by humans. The park is a stunning masterpiece and one of Armenia’s great resources.

Permission is required to enter the park and can be obtained by the Ministry of Nature Protection, or from the Park Director located at the Nature Reserve headquarters in Vedi Town.

Points of Interest