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Vērmanes Dārzs Park

Spread across five hectares, Vērmanes Dārzs Park dates from the 19th century, and features flower gardens, walking paths and forested areas.

Vērmanes Dārzs Park is encircled by Tērbatas Street in the north, Elizabetes Street in the east, Krišjāņa Barona Street in the south, and Merķeļa Street in the west.

Nearby you will find the University of Latvia complex, and the Biblioteka No. 1 fine dining restaurant.

Opening Hours:

Open 24 Hours

How to Get There

Vērmanes Dārzs Park is just 300 meters from the Ginosi Rigami Apartel. From Blaumaņa Street, walk north and turn left at the Tērbatas Street intersection, and keep walking until you reach the northeast corner of the park. You can also walk south from Blaumaņa Street, turn right at the Krišjāņa Barona intersection, and keep going until you reach the southeastern corner of Vērmanes Dārzs Park.

Points of Interest