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Origo Commercial Center

The Origo is a shopping, culinary and entertainment complex that also happens to be Riga's main train station.

Located at the intersection Raiņa Boulevard, Marijas Street and Satekles Street, the complex houses just under 300 units that include shops, supermarkets, food outlets and cinemas, as well as a paid parking facility. The Tuneja Aptieka pharmacy is just outside the facility, next to the bus stop.

Origo is also a 10-minute walk away from Riga's Central Market. A perfect place to shop, eat and have a good time in Riga.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 10 AM - 9 PM for the shopping center.
Opening hours for individual outlets vary.

Food Outlets

Gan Bel, Kebabs Fix, SubBurger, Lage Ko, Kļavas Lapa Origo, Neo, Neo Sky, Hesburger, Grill & Bar, and more

Malls & Supermakets

Rimi Supermaket, AZUR Shopping Mall, Origo Shopping Center, Jānis Roze Bookstore, Sportland, Donna BC, Veilaks, TC Origo, and many more


Post Office, Bus Station, Train Station, Paid Parking Building (Europark)

Points of Interest