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Prague, Architectural Gem of Eastern Europe

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is one of the major players in the economy, politics, and culture of Europe. Historically rich, Prague is an architectural gem, famously nicknamed the "city of a hundred spires." The city is dotted with cathedrals, bridges, and castles. One of the worlds oldest astronomical clocks is located in the city square and has been working since 1490. The historic district of Prague has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country has a rich brewing history with one of the oldest breweries in Prague dating back to late 15th century. Have a beer, enjoy walking through the city, visiting the many museums and gardens, hiking, hot springs, or just delight in the view of the many beautiful bridges that cross the Vltava River.

Ginosi Apartels in Prague

Transport Information:

  •  From Prague Airport to Elema (Václav Havel): about 17 miles or 26 kilometers  (about a 40-minute drive).

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