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Lake Merritt

With a 3.4 mile heart-shaped shoreline, this lake is located in the center of a very multicultural city and is a popular meeting spot. Known as the jewel of Oakland, Lake Merritt is a community spot for everyone from joggers and bikers to picnic goers and boating fans. There are even Gondola Servicios which offer romantic rides on authentic gondolas from Venice and an Italian serenade to boot!

The Grand Lake Farmers market filled with food and craft stalls is bustling every Saturday from 9am-2pm. The lake is also one of the oldest wildlife refuges including several artificial islands intended as bird refuges founded in 1870.

The lake is also a boating center where you can rent sailboats, rowboats and canoes, as well as take classes and learn some nautical skills. Families with young children can also appreciate the fairy tale themed amusement park called Children's Fairyland.





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