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General description

Meghri has a population of just under 5000 residents. In addition there is a large Russian military base nearby with about 2000 soldiers that protect the border. Meghri is much milder than the rest of Armenia and can be a nice escape from the cooler mountains. Average low temperatures in January are just -2 degrees celsius while average summer highs in July are a comfortably warm 31 degrees celsius. Spring and Autumn are rainy and damp, but summer and winter are rather dry. October is generally the wettest month.

Megri is famous for it’s produce. The fruit in Meghri is more delicious than in any other part of Armenia. If in Meghri, be sure to tastw sweet and juicy pomegranates. The city also has a large baking factory, several canneries, and a winery.

The city is a mix of Soviet buildings and older Adobe structures that are the more traditional buildings of the region, strolling around the streets is a great way to take see the vast difference between the old and new. A few ancient churches are sprinkled around the city and several immense fortresses guard the city from the hills above.

Cultural and historical places

Churches within the old city

Fortresses surrounding the city

Arax River