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Venice Beach and Boardwalk


Venice Beach is L.A.'s ultimate boho center. Over the years the boardwalk area has become a hotspot for artists, progressives and surfers. During the fifties and sixties, the wonderfully outrageous Beat generation began a renaissance in Venice, further instilling a counter-culture streak in the area.

Today, Venice Beach remains the ultimate place for kicking back. Palm trees, skate parks, hotdog stands, and big waves draw a young, edgy crowd to this stretch of Los Angeles daily.

The boardwalk offers about a million things to do. During your trip try visiting the Muscle Beach Gym, an exercise complex that was once graced by former California governor and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can also visit the Venice Public Art Walls that were originally part of the Venice Pavilion, constructed in the 1960's. Now called the Graffiti Pit, local artists cover these walls in graffiti that constantly changes and reflects the mood of the city.

Once the sun sets, you can check out the drum circles that gather at the end of Brooks Ave. Hundreds of people from all over the world come together to play music and dance. As soon as the beat gets going it can be heard from all over the boardwalk, like a call to come join in the fun.




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