Field Agent

Job Description

Are you a resourceful and ambitious dealmaker? Ginosi Management Solutions is looking for persuasive, enthusiastic and well-connected Field Agents with two possible roles as: a “Lead Agent” or “Tipster”.

The focus of the job is to help Ginosi expand its business by partnering with new and existing hotels in your area. If making connections and matching two businesses for a win-win partnership is your thing, then this is the job for you. 

We offer a generous bonus program for Lead Agents who succeed in creating hotel management partnerships for Ginosi: 10% of the invoices charged to our partner hotel for a period of six months! That’s 1.500 to 4.000 euros per month on average! Payments will be processed monthly and within 5 business days after we receive payment from the hotel.


Lead Agent:

  • Understand Ginosi products well enough to present them and sell them (we’ll train you)
  • Find hotel owner customers who have hotels with an annual turnover of at least 1 mln EUR (we’ll train you on who we target)
  • Talk to them and sell them our services (we’ll give you a sales toolkit)
  • Get their OTA and own website login credentials and BOOM, you are done!

Tipster (the lighter version of the work but still subject to a generous bonus):

  • Same as above, the only differences are:
  • You don’t have to bring a deal to completion, You provide to us the name of a hotel and an appointment for a call with the owner.
  • You get 2.5% for six months in case of a successful deal.


  • Enthusiastic
  • Persistent
  • Sales and goal oriented

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