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Know the Major Sights of Armenia


Armenia is a small country in the former Soviet Republic which boasts of beautiful natural scenery. It is a land of mingling of myriad cultures. Armenia on one hand constitutes of the turquoise Lake Sevan and undulating mountains and lush green forests on the other hand. You will find prominent land...

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Traveling By Car in the countryside in Armenia and Georgia


When visiting Armenia, many of us "city folk" get sucked in by the seductive gravity of Yerevan and although we have the good intention of getting out of town and traveling in the countryside, the social contacts, tight entertainment schedules, partying at night and then waking up a little too late ...

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Gay Travel in the Caucasus


Traveling in Armenia and Georgia for men who like men can be a rewarding experience.  If you have seen and done it all in Paris, London and Berlin, it's time to take a trip to Yerevan with a stop in Tbilisi. First the disclaimer: What the Caucasus cannot offer you is something like a non-stop g...

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Renting an Apartment During Vacation - Is it for You?


Ok so if you have taken a trip or two you probably have stayed at a hotel and you know how it works. You show up at the reception desk, give them your passport, the person at reception looks at it and types into her computer with a very concentrated face at least five times more information than you...

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Neighborhood etiquette when renting a residential apartment in Yerevan or Tbilisi


When traveling and settling down in your new accommodation, it is a wise idea to consider the neighborhood customs in order to avoid uncomfortable situations. While neighborhood etiquette is based on the people's cultural background, just like any other etiquette, it can largely vary from country to...

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Fresh Produce in Armenia


YEREVAN--As part of the company’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility, Ginosi Apartels recently gifted goods in-kind from its global headquarters in Yerevan, Armenia, to HelpPIN, a non-governmental organization supporting at-risk communities in the country, working to end ...

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EcoTravel in Armenia


People go for ecotravel for many purposes, such as educating in natural conservation, benefit the social-economic activities of the local people, supporting tourism sector in a certain country etc. The educative aspects of ecotravel include enabling people to come closer to nature is interesting and...

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Dining Etiquette in Armenia


Last year we made a decision to become a global apartel chain, with properties in both Europe and US. Our success in this endeavor caused the image and roadmap of our company to change entirely. Our name no longer reflected who we were as a company, so we re-branded ourselves replete with...

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Vacation Packing Tips


Ginosiks, like many people in Armenia, have been deeply affected by the recent events on the entire Artsakh - Azerbaijan line of contact. As a response to the outbreak of violence, Ginosiks decided to mobilize internally and collect contributions to help civilian victims and our troops who were wo...

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Trekking Armenia by bike


Making up your mind where to go on a bike tour adventure and planning the route is an exciting element of the experience. Maybe there’s a part of the world which you have always planned to visit, and undertaking it on a bike can certainly be a profound pleasure. Even though you don’t exa...

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