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Best Neighborhoods for Staying in Madrid


  If you’re planning a trip to Madrid, you may be struggling with choosing the right neighborhood for your travel needs. If its your first time in the city, its good to stay near the city center so you have easy access to all major attractions. Madrid is a restless city however, and ch...

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Twenty Two Fun Things to Do in Seattle Without Upsetting the Kids


  Every parent knows that travelling with kids is not easy. Whether you’re hitting the road with toddlers or teenagers, it’s normal to feel at a loss when trying to plan activities suitable for the whole family. So how do you keep youngsters entertained in a city like Seattle? Th...

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Eight Reasons to Love Los Angeles (Besides Ashton Kutcher)


It may be the city of dreams and the city of angels, but LA is also the city of celebrities. Every summer countless tourists flock to Southern California hoping to get a glimpse of movie stars, musicians, and talk show hosts. While gawking at handsome actors is a productive pastime, we're here to ...

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Apartment Essentials: 14 Things Your Pad Shouldn’t be Without


Your home is your special space. It’s where you relax, eat, sleep, and experience both the good and bad in life. At Ginosi we know a thing or two about apartments. So we’ve put together this list of apartment essentials that will complete your home.    Apartment Essentials:   In the Bedroom...

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Interesting Places to Visit in Washington


Almost anyone who has decided to visit Washington as a tourist is more or less aware of its tourist trails and the shiny surface – from the Space Needle, White House, Pentagon and White Water Rafting and beyond. However beneath, there are many other interesting and yet unusual places to visit ...

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The 400th Anniversary of Amsterdam Canal District


This year Amsterdam celebrates the 400th anniversary of its well-known Canal District, which was established in the Golden Age and is currently included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Starting from the 17th century the Canal District has been a compound chain of amazing waterways that attract...

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Places to See in Hollywood


Hollywood is one of the most visited cities in CA. Its Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, unique blend of modern and classic culture and fame as the historical center of movie studios and movie stars make it a popular addition to many travelers’ to-visit lists. There is just so much to see and...

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Top Los Angeles Beaches


Los Angeles beaches can be as iconic for the city as Disneyland or the Hollywood sign. There are about 2 dozen beautiful, white sandy beaches in LA and it may be difficult to choose which one to visit during a short vacation. The guide below points out the best beaches in Los Angeles in terms of com...

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How to Find a Vacation Rental Apartment in Yerevan


Each year, it seems the vacation rentals market gets increasingly popular globally. I think rental apartments are definitely on their way to going mainstream and this progress has also covered Yerevan. Nowadays a lot of travelers to Yerevan, especially those with families choose to stay at an apartm...

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SEO for Vacation Rentals: Part 1


At the moment the rental business is almost completely occupied by the major players, and for a small players there is a very small room to play. This was the truth before recently. However the latest Google updates gave small business a big chance to matter. The key point is that Google values the...

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