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Fully Booked: Tips for Short Term Rentals


Convert window-shoppers to paying customers People looking for short-term rentals generally want comfort and value. Make sure that your content shows that your property has all the comforts of home. Show off your property’s perks, be it a fully equipped kitchen, spacious interiors, or great f...

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Seven Ways to Improve Your Vacation Rental's Accessibility


The aging population in the Western World has spurred many to think about how the trend provides opportunities for financial gain by serving this critical market. Hospitality companies have also noticed the trend and have begun to weigh in on how to best serve older patrons. In the hotel and apartme...

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Tips for Vacation Rental Managers


Who we are Ginosi is an international short-stay apartment chain, based in Yerevan, Armenia, operating in Europe and the United States. We believe that any vacation rental manager should have the concepts below in the heart of their product. Comfort Many travellers miss the features of home like ...

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Vacation Rentals and Fraud


Vacation home rentals have become a big part of the hospitality industry as millions around the globe rent their apartments to travelers. This arrangement works well for both parties when they are honest and upfront. However, owners and renters alike never know who's on the other side of the deal an...

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Which Short-Stay Apartment Suits Your Trip


So, you have agreed on where to travel, know who you are traveling with, and bought the flight tickets. You have also decided that you would like to stay at an apartment with a kitchen and other facilities that hotels or hostels may not provide but are not sure what size apartment would best suit yo...

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Vacation Rentals and OTAs from a guest's point of view


So you have decided to go to a vacation or your employer sends you to a conference in another city, and you need a place to stay. Here are your options: you choose a brand you already trust you do a google search with city terms you know a website or two for looking for properties ...

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Vacation Rentals and OTAs from the property owner's point of view


Most hoteliers think working with OTAs (online travel agencies) is like fighting with a double-edged sword. In reality that’s … true. However no hotel should avoid cooperating with big OTAs as they dominate search engine results pages for most popular searches (hotel in LA, ho...

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How to Have a Great Vacation and Save Dollars for the Next One


Planning a vacation is not an easy task, as you will want to save as much as possible. It may take up-to months if you do not know where to watch, what offers are there around to make use of and if you can trust a specific vendor. Even after that you might find a better deal and regret paying for a ...

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Five Defining Factors for Choosing Vacation Rentals Over Hotels


Deciding where to stay is one of the most important decisions we make when we plan our trips. Choosing accommodation involves giving up many things we are used to in our daily life. If we choose a hotel we give up the home comforts, and if we choose a vacation home we give-up the 24/7 service, loyal...

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Five Really Good Reasons to Visit Amsterdam


  Summer is upon us and the time for European vacationing is in full bloom. All European cities have something to offer. Paris has the romance, Rome the food, and Prague the imposing architecture. What makes Amsterdam worth the visit you ask? Here's a list of our top five favorite things about the ...

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