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Yerevan in The List of Cities with Most Unusual Christmas Trees


I bet most of you have already decorated your Christmas trees even weeks before Christmas. I was wondering if any of you have put some real creativity into that job, just the way people did in different parts of the world.

There are so many legends and interesting stories about the origin of the Christmas tree, and whether we know them or not, we are all fond of that magically lit evergreens. Today I decided to make a list of the world's most unusual Christmas trees to give you some inspiration to go for out-of-standard ways of decorating and even creating one!

There's no reason to chop down a Christmas tree when you have a bunch of green materials and a lot of creativity.

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree - Shanghai, China

It is how people did in Shanghai  in 2009. Heineken built a beer bottle Christmas tree made of 1000 bottles. Do you think that would look weird? In fact, it looked beautiful and we certainly need to give credit to the devoted drinker :)

Another interesting option is a tree made out of 400 empty Mountain Dew cans, though I guess it's already a bit late to think about this, as it took 3 months of soda drinking, but the result was fantastic!

Diamond Christmas Tree - Singapore

In 2007 a Singapore jeweler Soo Kee Jewellery created a Christmas tree with 21,798 diamonds of 913 carats and 3,762 crystal beads making it the world's most expensive Christmas tree. It looked fascinating, though over decked, over jingled and overpriced. The tree was actually worth a million bucks!

Floating Christmas Tree - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Listed as the world's largest floating Christmas tree by Guinness Book of Records, the stunning  Christmas tree on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is one of the most distinguishing since 1996. It is 85-meters high (as tall as a 29-storey building), weighing 542 tons and lit with 3.3 million miniature light bulbs.

Tube Christmas Tree - Venice, Italy

This spectacular tree, installed several years ago in Venice is completely constructed from 1,000 tubes of Murano glass. It is 28 feet tall and is believed to be the tallest in the world. With 1,000 Murano glass tubes it weights 3 tons.

Bicycle Christmas Tree - Sydney, Australia

The cycle-tree Christmas Tree in Sydney in 2010 was made of old bicycle recycles provided by a recycle group. The seven-meter-tall tree took a total of eight weeks to design and build. It became a mind-blowing attraction of the city.

Golden Christmas Tree - Tokyo, Japan

This 2 million dollar pure gold ecstasy stands in a Japanese jeweler's store in Tokyo. It's 2.5 meters high, cozy and beautifully decorated with golden orchids, hearts and ribbons. It took four and a half months to conduct this sparky Christmas tree. It is crafted of 12 kilograms of pure gold. Wondering if you are rich enough to buy it? No need to think and calculate too much: the owner doesn't sell it!

Swarovski Christmas Tree - Thailand

Now, who doesn't know about the glamorous shine of Swarovski crystals? It's not just you and me, even Santa is into glamour from time to time. Decorated with over 2000 Swarovski crystal beads and 7000 Swarovski crystals, this stunning Christmas tree is decorating the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Thailand.

Chocolate Christmas Tree - Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan is also keeping up with the world's best cities. Recently Ferrero Rocher, an Italian spherical chocolate sweet  distributed a golden chocolate Christmas “tree” in North Avenue, Yerevan. Isn't it looking...delicious? The Italian chocolatiers never fail to amaze us with their artistry, passion and colossal chocolate creations. Now we also have something spacial to be proud of!

I hope reading about the above mentioned unusual Christmas trees, you got renewed desire to do something special this year. However, remember that all Christmas trees are speical. While we admire the weird and whacky or the mesmerizing and beautiful ones, a simple traditional fir can do the trick of bringing in the Christmas cheer.

By Nare Mkhitaryan