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Yerevan Free Wi-Fi Areas


Yerevan is growing fast not only in terms of modern architecture, fashion, comfort, but also high technology. Now there are areas in Yerevan where everybody can use free Wi-Fi internet connection. Here you can find the list of free Wi-Fi areas in Yerevan and an orientation map. The list consists of Wi-Fi coverage areas' and connection providers’ names, while on the map you can see all the locations of Yerevan Wi-Fi coverage areas, including the entertainment places, cafes, bars etc.

Yerevan Public Areas with Wi-Fi Internet

Mashtots Grove (GNC Alfa)

Lovers’ Park (Ucom)

Republic Square (Orange)

Tumanyan Park (GNC Alfa)

Davtashen, the park near Petrosyan and Pirumyan intersection (GNC Alfa)

Garegin Nzhdeh Square (GNC Alfa)

Sasuntsi David Square (GNC Alfa)

Argentinian Grove (GNC Alfa)

Republic Square Metro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Yeritasardakan Metro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Barekamutyun Metro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Marshal Baghramyan Mentro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Zoravar Andranik Metro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Sasuntsi David Metro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Gortsaranain Metro Station  (VivaCell-MTS)

Shengavit Metro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Garegin Nzhdeh Metro Station (VivaCell-MTS)

Charbakh Metro Sation (VivaCell-MTS)

However you may come across free Wi-Fi internet in many other parts of Yerevan, such as the Northern Avenue, where a lot of cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi connection, which can be used even outside of the venues. This is a comfortable place to use the internet while sitting and relaxing on the public seats. Below see the list of most popular Yerevan venues with free Wi-Fi internet. 

Yerevan Venues with Wi-Fi




Bureaucrat Bookstore

Cactus Mexican Restaurant

Marco Polo

Art Bridge Bookstore Cafe


The Club

Il Solo Gelato


Studio Cafe

Pub 26

Retro Caffe

Tro's Pub