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Yerevan: A Beautiful Gem in Eurasia

Yerevan is a city that enjoys a rich cultural heritage. The distinction of Yerevan lies in the fact that it happens to be one of the oldest cities in the world and it has been continuously inhabited by natives of Armenia.  From 1918 onwards this city has been the cultural, industrial, and administrative hub of the nation.

Geography of the Mountainous Land

Yerevan is a city that's landlocked by the mountains of Caucasian region or Eurasia. The city of Yerevan is located alongside the Hrazdan River and lies in the lap of Ararat Valley on the centre west flank of Armenia. It is the centre of the historically famous Armenian Highlands. Yerevan is the largest city of a country which shares borders with many neighboring states and cities. Armenia actually lies on a geographical terrain that indicates the crossroads of East Europe and West Asia. The neighboring countries are Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, and the independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Interestingly enough, the city lying on the foothills of mountains replicates the shape of a Roman amphitheater.

History of Yerevan

In the early years of the 4th century Armenia became the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion. The city of Yerevan has an ancient historic legacy dating back to 8th century BC. The city came into existence when king Argishti founded the fortress of Erebuni. After World War I, in 1918 Yerevan became the thirteenth capital in the history of Armenia. Soon it became immensely populated and became the artistic and cultural seat of Armenia.


The weather of Yerevan is semi-arid; a continental climate, that’s characterized by hot and dry summers and cold and snowy winters. The geographical position of Yerevan influences the climate as it is located in a land enveloped by mountains and far from the sea. If in August it soars up to 40 degrees, the winter temperature can dip down to -15 degrees. Rainfall is scant here.


The city of Yerevan is dotted with many luxury hotels and apartments and hence tourists flocking to this part of Armenia find no accommodation problem. Moreover, these comfortable lodging options are near the restaurants, bars and other places of interest. Some recognized names are the Armenia Marriott Hotel, Best Western Congress Hotel and Golden Tulip Yerevan Hotel.

Social Activities

Yerevan offers a myriad of entertainment options. Varied nightclubs are favorite fun hotspots for travelers. The jazz cafes and casinos enliven the city. The Swan Lake adjacent to the Opera House is a place that bustles with nightlife fun in summer and turns into a skating rink in winter.

In the recent days Yerevan has been witness to many radical transformations in the social and cultural life. There has been a boom in the economy as well. This has proliferated the development of retail culture, resulting in the mushrooming of restaurants, street cafes and shops.

There are many attractive tourist hotspots in Yerevan, like the Opera House, dancing fountains of Republic Square, the Cascade Complex, and the ancient ruins of Erebuni, and Karmir Blur (Teishebaini). The biblical Mount of Ararat is an inspiring travel attraction for all the visitors.