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Which Short-Stay Apartment Suits Your Trip


So, you have agreed on where to travel, know who you are traveling with, and bought the flight tickets. You have also decided that you would like to stay at an apartment with a kitchen and other facilities that hotels or hostels may not provide but are not sure what size apartment would best suit your needs. Below are a couple of tips and options for you.

A Group of Friends

If you're staying with a group of friends, booking a room with AirBnB is not a good option as you will need more space. If you like to travel cheap with a party of four and are not against sleeping on a couch or a rollaway bed, you may want to share a one bedroom. In this case, two can sleep in the double bed that most apartments provide, and two can sleep on a couch and/or a rollaway bed.


You may want to have a romantic, five-star experience but also want it for cheap. Don't worry - we have just what you're looking for! Studios are perfect for couples as everything is within easy reach and most studios are beautifully furnished and spacious with comfort in mind. Though the price difference between a studio apartment and a one bedroom is not that large, you can save a little by considering the former.

A Big Family

You may need space and privacy. And noise cancellation if you also travel with kids. Your only option is Two Bedrooms. Even if you travel with two teenagers one may sleep on the sofa, and the other in the second room. Most short stay apartments sporting two rooms feature one double bed and two twin beds in the second room, which is very good resolution for most families. A big and equipped kitchen will be just perfect for a family dinner and time together.

A Single Traveller

You have choice, as you can go on cheap staying at a room with airbnb or book a studio and stay all on your own. If you plan on having guests the first is a “no go” and you should pay that extra to feel yourself at home, not somebody else's guest or even worse - the hostage.

Final Words

No matter which one you choose, you may be sure that staying at an apartment will be a superior choice if you value your privacy and comfort more than the room service and hotel lobbies more. Keep in mind that apartments are not for everyone, as most are not serviced and you should not expect anybody to come over and clean after you.

Author: Khachik Badeyan