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Where to Have Real Italian Coffee in Yerevan - Review

2012-01-23 doesn't make the sun rise in the morning, but really now, who'd want to face the sunlight without being able to greet it with that hot, strong darkness you pour into a cup?

It is the energetic force that enhances our IQs and refreshes our minds, gives a beat to our creativity and revives the senses. But hey! Not every coffee can achieve such feats.

The dishwater-weak we come across pretty often is so disappointing sometimes that it makes you wonder...Massimo Zanetti knew this, when he founded Segafredo Zanetti initially in Italy becoming the only company in the coffee industry which directly controls the coffee production process starting from the harvesting of coffee beans from plantations in Brazil and Costa Rica. Segafredo soon conquered the whole coffee-loving globe, reaching us in Yerevan!

Currently there are two Segafredo Coffee Shops in Yerevan located on North Ave and Amiryan street. Here is a short review on each of them:

Segafredo - North Ave

Located in the most prestigious district of Yerevan, Segafredo keeps the high-class standards offering the best Italian espresso in the city. This is a place I enjoy being from time to time to recall the reviving aroma of real espresso. It is a place for those who are simply tired of the same old cup of joe and wish to get new senses. Just 7 grams (a cup) of elite Segafredo espresso refreshes the mind, your brain analyses the flavor, compares the taste to what you have tasted before and and your pleasure centers turn on. The small action of drinking a cup of coffee becomes a full experience.

The menu offers different types of coffee, light Italian dishes and desserts. The atmosphere is a combination of red, black and white together with Italian keen sense of style. Here you absolutely feel in Italy. It is calm, peaceful, not exactly a place you would gather with family or a group of friends (as the tables are small, fit for 3 people only) but very comfortable for business meetings, informal meetings, dates and even solo attendants. The cafe provides WiFi connection, so you can surf the net while enjoying your favorite desserts and drinks.

Its kinda hard to think about a downside of it. The only thing that comes to my mind is the price, that might be a bit high for an average Armenian, but the product quality is worth it.

Segafredo - Amiryan street

The second Segafredo in Yerevan opened in 2010 on Amiryan street becoming another hot spot for tasting real Italian espresso. I have been here just a couple of weeks ago on a business meeting and I must say that what caught my attention at the first sight was the high level of comfort and the polite attitude of waiters, who are in fact well trained baristas and the experts of their job. They blend coffee types from different parts of the world for different moods, purposes, and atmospheres.

The interior style is pretty much like that of North Ave, but here it has more space. It is decorated with Italian refined taste. Another great place to feel like in Italy.

By Nare Mkhitaryan