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Visit to Tbilisi - Ginosiks Explore! (Day One)


Some cities seem to be best taken from far away: Tbilisi is not one of them. The history, architecture and culture that this city holds need to be observed in real time and in real place. Tbilisi opens up for its visitors inviting them to dig into it like real archeologists in order to discover what is hidden but still shining behind its old structures and untold narrative.

Before visiting Tbilisi we knew we were going to like this place, but the impressions we got upon visiting it were more than expected.

We felt foreign here, but a comfortable kind of foreign. The friendly attitude of local people, who seem to understand even the words we hardly utter and help us muddle through, is what's making Tbilisi a pleasant environment even for those who visit it for the first time.

Tbilisi seems to be a city intended for wandering around. The further you go, the more you want to go and get lost in the places you were not meant to be.

Scrolling down the Agmashenebeli Avenue, the first thing that comes to mind is that this is absolutely on the Europe side of the "crossroads between Asia and Europe" as the Caucasus are often referred to. The buildings are mostly old, but amazingly attractive. The secret of the design is within the fact that Georgian architects renovated those buildings preserving the original style, so they look new not losing their antique effect. On the ground floors of most of the buildings there are fashion stores with the most famous brands offering huge sales (30-70% off!), something that surely catches the attention of shopaholics like us! 

The climate in Tbilisi is considerately milder with comparatively warmer weather than in the rest of the

Caucasian cities. The streets are mostly crowded with people hurrying here and there. We get the impression that everybody is “seriously” busy in this city :)

Traffic in Tbilisi is something to be careful of! You'd better wait your turn to pass the street, otherwise no one is going to be responsible for the consequences! At least that's the feeling we get. 

Streets in Tbilisi are mostly narrow, reminiscent of cobblestone streets in Florence or Amsterdam. The natural beauty of those streets is enhanced by a lining of evergreen fir-trees. Almost in every corner there are cozy taverns and restaurants offering traditional Georgian dishes including the famous Ajarian Khachapuri.

One day is too little to explore this fabulous city. Keep up with us to learn what we study and discover each day here in Tbilisi, where things change constantly for the newer and better!

By Nare Mkhitaryan