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Vacation Rentals and OTAs from a guest's point of view


So you have decided to go to a vacation or your employer sends you to a conference in another city, and you need a place to stay. Here are your options:

  • you choose a brand you already trust

  • you do a google search with city terms

  • you know a website or two for looking for properties

    • airbnb, homeaway, dwellable etc

    •, etc

    • kayak, trivago etc

You choose a brand

If you have a brand in mind almost nothing's going to change your mind, as you know what exactly you want. The only thing that will make you look for anything else is a zero availability with your favorite brand. If that happens you will go to google and do a city term search.

Google search

Lets say you searched vacation rentals hollywood ca or hotels hollywood ca. You can see that both pages are dominated by either Big Brands or by big OTAs and/or big holiday home listing platforms (HomeAway, Airbnb, VRBO etc). There are also some google plus listings you might consider looking at which look nice and are very “clickable”. Those usually lead to the hotels’ and property owners’ official websites. However most clicks will lead you to OTA or listing aggregator websites and you will most probably not find an individual good vacation rental doing a wide search.

OTA and listing aggregator websites

As soon as you arrive to an OTA/aggregator website you have a big list of properties to compare and choose from based on filters, amenities, price and visuals. What makes OTAs and listing aggregators great is the structure and the organization of the data they possess. They are great for seeing what the market has to offer and making the best choice.

Property’s Official Channels

When you find the best option though you probably will do more research on the property you liked. By a simple google search you will easily find the property’s tripadvisor page,  their social media accounts (twitter, facebook, etc) and hopefully their official website too. The best things is if you are lucky the hotels / chains  will offer you a discount for subscribing to their newsletter or their loyalty program, which is good for 2 reasons:

  • you get discount for your current stay,

  • you get discount points for your future stays at that chain.

Analyzing Ginosi’s guest’s path

Many of our guests already know our brand and standards, choose to stay at our apartments and make direct bookings through our website. That way we provide the guests the best experience possible.

Those who search in google for hotels or apartments in Hollywood or any other location we are present they most surely land on an OTA page. Those who are simply an OTA customer start their search on their chosen OTA website.

When guests find a property they like they usually do a short google search. Many of them end up on our website and if they subscribe to our newsletter they get a 3 percent discount. And if you are not doing the same - you should do it right away.

Author: Khachik Badeyan