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Ginosiks, like many people in Armenia, have been deeply affected by the recent events on the entire Artsakh - Azerbaijan line of contact. As a response to the outbreak of violence, Ginosiks decided to mobilize internally and collect contributions to help civilian victims and our troops who were wounded while defending the borders of Artsakh.

In a surge of compassion, Ginosiks pooled in an amount of 525,000 AMD (~1,100 USD) in one day. Moved by this outpouring of support by our colleagues, our co-founders decided to quadruple the said amount, raising it to a total of 2.1 million AMD (~4,400 USD). This amount has been transferred today to a special Repat Armenia fund, supporting the wounded soldiers, civilians and regional hospitals.

Ginosiks unitedly express our sincerest sympathies to the families of the victims and wish everyone strength and peace, as well as stability and security in our region.

The image is taken directly from Repat Armenia’s Call for donations page.