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Vacation Packing Tips


Even though most of us like to travel, we hardly ever like to pack, especially when it is squeezed between the most uncomfortable times, such as after finishing the work and setting off. However, knowing some tips can help you get over this hard activity more easily. The first thing, you want to keep in mind is that successful packing tends to include things that you will use more than once during your vacation. So what to take?


Get acquainted with the climate of your future destination beforehand and choose the clothing accordingly. This will work better than taking additional warm and cold clothes “just in case”.

Stick to darker colors, as they are not likely to show marks very much. If we get to shoes, yeah they are hard to arrange, so it will be wise of you if you wear the heaviest pair and place the others in your suitcase.

Necessary items

Medicine that you need to use and the prescription copy in case of anything

Glasses if you need them

Take a liquid soap or shampoo; they can be a substitute for each other, so you don’t need to pack both

Credit cards – those are very important

If you are bringing something that needs electricity to work, such as hairdryer, phone battery charger etc, consider having an adapter.

Take into consideration the security rules of the country you are visiting, especially when packing the carry-on items like fluids. While choosing a luggage remember to have figured out what you are going to carry and choose your luggage accordingly, and not vice versa. It’s best if you don’t fill your luggage just in the sake of filling it: you still need to carry it! While thinking that roll-along luggage is the best, consider also backpacks as sometimes they are easier to carry, if arranged correctly.

While packing a suitcase you will need to: a) Place the heaviest items on the bottom of your suitcase. This will give stability to it once you pull it along. b) Try placing items of the same category together, such as all shirts or all pants folded together. This will minimize the space used.

Happy Journey!