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Unique Hotels in Armenia


What makes you want to stay in an ordinary hotel in Armenia? Location,services or interior? Today I am going to tell you about unique hotels in Yerevan that will change your notion. 

Let's start with my favorite one:

"Vita SPA" hotel with this hotel you will enjoy unforgettable rest at Cleopatra's pool, recover tonus in massage salon and will have opportunity to taste delicious food at baroque style furniture elegant "XO Hall" where dishes are served with more than 400 years old utensils.

"Vita SPA" hotel's each rooms are belongs to one of the world's famous artists like Monet, Rembrandt, Rubens, Degas, El Greco,Velazquez and so on. I have spent one night at Rembrandt's room. The warm colors and dainty furnishing makes me never forget it and also remind me the Rembrandt's main article "The Night Watch". Its look like the colors of the room was elicited from that picture.

Also I liked "Grandmother's house" cafe where I tested old armenian dishes as same as my grandmother were made herself.

"Vita SPA" hotel provides also the following services:

  • Mineral water pool
  • Salt saloon
  • Cleopatra's pool with milck and honey
  • Massage center
  • ÐœDoctor Fish massage which is very popular not only in South Asian countries, but now in Yerevan. Fish therapy based on these fish, which are cleaning their mouth dried up and dead skincells, and make your scean be cleaned.
  • The second one I would like to talk about is Villa Delenda Bed and Breckfast

    Located in the heart of Yerevan. It is 4 minutes walk away from Republic Square. The 19th century building has been restored and outfitted with comfortable, artistically decorated rooms. During the historical times Armenia has 11 capitals and each room at Villa Delenda has named by one of Armenian capitals like Ani Room, at Dvin and so on.

    Not only building belongs to 19th century but also the whole furniture is antique and unique. The old armenian architectural elements are a part of each room, as well as collection of ethnic and antique furniture with handmade Armenian carpets.

    So If you like to feel antique Armenian soul the Villa Delenda is right choice!

    The last one which I would like to mention is Orange Hotel.

    Orange Hotel is one of the best options for travelers who seek for an active rest. If you become the member of Orange Club you will truly evaluate the healthy lifestyle. Here are concentrate different styles and trends under one roof.

    Here you can find everything you need for an active rest and physical perfection. The big choice of group classes, large gym is equipped with advanced cardio-training apparatus, a 25 meters long swimming-pool, an open-air swimming pool, stream and saunas, jacuzzis, cafes and Mandarin SPA center make you feel gooood :)

    Thank you for reading. I really hope my article will help you to find new experience and feelings during your next trip to Armenia!