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Trekking Armenia by bike


Making up your mind where to go on a bike tour adventure and planning the route is an exciting element of the experience. Maybe there’s a part of the world which you have always planned to visit, and undertaking it on a bike can certainly be a profound pleasure.

Even though you don’t exactly think of Armenia, while thinking about biking tour, as it’s not the most popular here, Armenia is a great place to trek with a bike. The Bike Armenian tour route was designed to cover most part of the country. There is a huge and diverse range of fantastic guided and self-guided biking adventures and tours all around Armenia. You can choose a tour according to your preference, time and fitness. Here is a list of the tours offered in Armenia:

Bike Armenia Tour: This includes the major cities of Armenia such as Dilijan where you can visit Jukhtak Vank, Parz Lij, Haghardzin etc., Ashtarak including Karmravor, Ejmiatsin including Ejmiatsin Cathedral and Hripsime, Gayane churches, Tsaghkadzor including Kecharis, Yerevan with optional tour to Garni and Geghard etc.

Bike Yerevan to Gyumri Tour: You can bike from Yerevan to Gyumri visiting the following places of interest: Aruj Cathedral, Talin Cathedral, Mastara etc.

Bike to Geghar Tour: During this tour you can visit Geghard, Garni village with the ancient temple, church, gorge etc.

While considering the route, think about how much time you have, your physical state and that of your traveling partners if there are such, as well as unexpected situations such as weather and elevation changes. With considering all of these, you should plot out your daily miles and the fact that you'll be carrying additional weight, should you be self supported. Thus, even if you are in great shape and can go 80 to 90 miles training rides, those are often not practical numbers for a bike tour. Setting a lot of time to complete your tour, make sure to take time to stop at places of interest and landmarks, and even just relax! Hey! This is supposed to be fun.