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Travel Tips for First Time Visitors to Yerevan



The capital of Armenia, Yerevan is an amazing place to visit with family, friends or alone. It is known for its architecture, culture and heritage. The city center is full of architectural gems and the best way to explore them is on foot therefore winter is not a good time to visit Yerevan. The sidewalks of the city are usually quite icy during the winter months; summer is not a bad time to visit but Fall is the best season to take one’s first trip to Yerevan. If you plan to fly to Yerevan, your flight will land in the Zvartnots International Airport. One can take a bus or a cab to reach the main city. The buses are much cheaper than the taxis and usually drop one to the Opera house located in central Yerevan. You can even book a taxi online to make things a little easier.

The taxi drivers often try to charge extra when they see tourists but you can call the police in such cases as that can be of great help. Also do carry change with you when you take a taxi as the taxi drivers often claim that they do not have change as a result you might end up paying extra. Taxis usually have meters but often taxi drivers do not switch it on to rip off the customer therefore if the taxi driver does not turn the meter on, give him a polite and friendly reminder to do so. Yerevan is a fairly safe city therefore one does not have to worry much however, one should be a little careful in crowded areas as there might be pickpockets.

Hotels in Yerevan are usually quite costly therefore it would be a wise idea to rent Yerevan apartments during your stay.  Finding short term rentals in Yerevan is not difficult as there are plenty of them and a simple internet search will give you a wide range of Yerevan apartments that you can pick from. Yerevan apartments are available in many different locations in the city and some are located quite close to the city center as well.  Short term rentals in the city are available in great variety; one can opt for a fairly luxurious apartment or a basic apartment to stay in during the vacation. These apartments are usually quite budget friendly but if you want to splurge, there are some deluxe apartments available which are as good as five star hotel rooms.

While in Yerevan, one must try the Armenian brandy or Cognac. It is recognized as one of the finest brandy in the world. The Armenian brandy or Cognac is a popular gift of choice among tourists to take back home. Armenian rugs are a popular purchase among tourists as well. Armenian rugs are truly beautiful and unique. They are available in a variety of price range, though they are never very cheap. One can have a rug custom made for themselves as well. However, the seller needs to provide you with an export certificate or lease the rug may get confiscated at the airport.