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Traditional shopping markets in Yerevan


Markets are great places to get a sense of the local agricultural bounty and culinary inclinations of a particular place. Yerevan does have quite a few of such markets. 

Covered Market

The covered market, or as Armenians call it Pak Shuka, is one of the most famous food markets in Yerevan. This market is located on Mashtots Ave. At the first sight it looks like a an ornate airplane hanger. The entrance is a large semicircular structure with intricate details, while inside is an impressive museum of food. Visitors can shop for different kinds of fruit, vegitables, nuts, Armenian traditional lavash, sujukh, dried and candied fruit and spices. 

Pricing is on a resonable level, which makes it all affordable for everyone. The market offers local as well as imported products. One of the major importers is the neighbour Iran, which imports rare type of saffron to the Armenian market.


Vernissage is a weekend open market in Yerevan. It is situated close to the Republic Square. Here you can find artworks by famous and not so famous Armenian artists, as well as carpets, embroidery, posters, old collections of coins, jewelry, books, parts for electronics and even pets.

This market is a great site for grasping the traditional trasures of the local people. 

The market's visitors are mainly tourists residents, with a handful of locals wandering through. If you don't look like a local you will probably attract a fair amount of attention from salespeople.

Agricultural Market

This is another weekend open market located on Kasyan street. Here mostly farmers display their own harvest. This is a rural marketplace, which is not scrupulously regulated. Different kinds of fruit and vegitables can be purchaised here.