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Tourist Flow in Nagorno Karabakh


After being nominated as one of the seven offbeat travel destinations in 2012 by the American ABC news, Nagorno Karabakh has had a 33% growth in tourism. According to ABC, if you’re looking for an adventure, this landlocked autonomous region between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the place to go. As of mid-December the 15000th tourist has visited Nagorno Karabakh. The latter was an Australian citizen.

It is estimated that this year from January to November the number of tourists in Nagorno Karabakh has grown with 33% compared to the same period of the last year. However, this fact is no more surprising as Nagorno Karabakh has had a tourism growth since 2008, when it was 15%.

The best and hottest season for traveling here is somewhere between May to October, while the most frequently visited historical and architectural monuments and monastic complexes are Amaras (4-19th centuries), Davidvanq (Khutavanq 4-13th centuries), Gandzasar (13th century), as well as Azokh Cave, which represents the antique culture.

Besides the above mentioned cultural places of interest, Nagorno Karabakh attracts the tourists with its stunning landscape made up of green forests and beautiful mountains. After many years of antagonism with Azerbaijan, the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh declared independence and has its own government, army and the rules for tourists’ entry and exit.

The only way to Nagorno Karabakh passes through Armenia. The entry of foreign citizens to Nagorno Karabakh is processed with the presence of an international passport or another document equivalent to it. No visa is required for the citizens of Russia, as all the necessary documents are processed at the time of entry.