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Tourism Development in Armenia


Tourism is considered one of the greatest, highly effective and dynamic branches of the world economy. In fact, the international tourism is one of the three main spheres of economy, following the oil and automobile industries. It takes the first place in terms of service sale in the international market.

Tourism development has its positive impacts on other branches of economy such as transportation, commerce, construction, agriculture, consumer goods production and is considered one of the most perspective directions of economy reconstruction.

However, the influence of tourism is not equally divided on each country. Tourism is mainly developed in Western Europe, which holds the 70% of international tourism.  20% is held by the USA, while Asia, Africa and Australia together hold less than 10%.

Armenia is also involved in the process of tourism development. Each year the number of tourists visiting Armenia keeps growing. In fact, Armenia is considered to have a rich tourism potential, however takes a modest place in the international tourism market.

The real growth in tourism industry in Armenia was noticed since 2000. Tourism development has its positive influence on the economy of Armenia creating new jobs and new opportunities. Thus it gradually becomes an influential branch of the economy contributing to growth of the country’s attractiveness. Currently Armenia makes big investments in the sphere of tourism by building new hotels and creating innovations aside from historical and cultural monuments and natural resources.

Armenia features hotels of international standards, while the restaurant system and public food chain keeps on getting replenished with new complexes. The transportation system has also been equipped with new and high quality mini-buses and tourist buses, while the development of racecourses, rifle ranges, golf fields and other entertainment infrastructures give a unique quality to tourism in Armenia. According to statistics, from January to September of 2012, 603074 tourists have visited Armenia, which is also a result of active governmental policies.