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Tips for Vacation Rental Managers


Who we are

Ginosi is an international short-stay apartment chain, based in Yerevan, Armenia, operating in Europe and the United States. We believe that any vacation rental manager should have the concepts below in the heart of their product.


Many travellers miss the features of home like a fridge, washing machine, kitchen utensils, laundry facilities, and more. Make sure all your apartments have the things you would miss if they were gone from your home.


Vacation rentals offer a respite from overbearing hotel staff and interactions with other guests. The concierge is instructed to meet all your needs, even if you don’t need anything from them. Make sure you can provide this while still ensuring the guests get what they need.


Value is a simple proposition: the more you get for the same amount, the greater the value of the product. In that sense hotels are no match for apartments. Apartments can accommodate more people and provide features most hotels either don’t provide or provide at an extra charge. A great example of this is free wifi which most apartments have by default.

Tips for vacation rental managers

How to set listing rates

Look at the competition. See what both hotels and other rental owners are selling, and offer something competitive. Remember that apartments have their own market and customers will pay a premium for a quality product.

How to deal with negative feedback

Iterate. When you receive a negative review, try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Do not let it become a recurring problem. Everybody knows that bad things happen, but you are responsible for self-organizing and making sure no one encounters the same problem again. Customers look for bad reviews to see what others are saying, but a bad review won’t necessarily keep them from buying. They look at whether the issues were resolved and if the company found solutions.

Bonus: Remember that people are more prone to say bad things if they are not asked to talk about the good. Asking guests for feedback will improve the overall rating of your rental.

Industry-specific tips that make your job easier

  • Technology makes growth possible

Technology has greatly changed the way business works and if you aren’t using the standard tools your industry offers, you won’t get very far. Industry standard software can help in almost every aspect of your business. Look for a Hotel or Vacation Rental Management software and pick one that meets your needs.

A few leading examples are Guesty, Kigo, and Lodgify.

  • Invest in photoshoots

Photos sell. For most people, text descriptions are just complementary information.

  • Google everything

Google offers great tools for businesses big and small. Whatever you do, try to find out if Google already has it, and if they do - use it.

  • Use keyboxes or other means to get keys to guests

If you have taken adequate security measures and pre-screen or know your guests, consider leaving keys in keyboxes. However, a lack of personal touch will decrease the number and quality of reviews you receive. Another drawback is that you never know who is using your apartment if you don't meet them.

  • Don’t use keyless smart-locks that only unlock with a smartphone

Many travelers aren’t tech savvy or will not like the idea of installing a new app on their phone to just unlock a door. They will also alienate guests without a smartphone. Always consider the worst case scenario when choosing locks.

Security for your vacation rental home

Have a customer/company agreement available on your website, in confirmation emails, and available during every step of the booking process. The world is full of scammers who will take advantage if you leave any loopholes. Understanding local laws and a strong rental agreement can save you from most legal horror stories.

Author: Khachik Badeyan