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Spring Is in The Air


The signs of spring are all around us in the Caucasus! Spring has sprung!" What exactly does that mean? Well, you have probably noticed the signs of spring that are everywhere! Spring has tiptoed in to spread its cheer after those long, depressing winter months. It does "spring" upon us - seemingly without notice!

The best thing to do in the Caucasus in spring? Take a break. How could it not be? The Caucasus is a great place for spring vacations. With the considerable rise in the temperature, spring is one of the sweetest times to visit the Caucasus, when life starts to revive at a great speed. This is the reason why many find it refreshing to spend their vacation in the Caucasus. With plenty of other people having the same idea, you will find the place buzzing with visitors.

If you are set to coming in March, consider packing some sweaters or jackets that can be worn in the evenings, when it might get rather cold, especially in the mountainous areas. The climate in March is very changeable here. Sunny beautiful morning can immediately transform to cloudy afternoon. Thus, light clothes for sunny weather, heavy sweaters for rainy one.

A good spring break consists of the following ingredients: leisure, people, bars. But that's just in the big cities – small towns and villages offer different form of fun.

There are various tours to country offered in spring time, when you have a great opportunity to see the beautiful green mountains and adorable valleys.

For instance, if you plan to visit Armenia, spring can be a great time to tour in Garni and Geghard. Garni is 28 km southeast from Yerevan and is notable for its mountains, gorges and river and the fortress complex with the 1 century Garni Temple.

With days getting warmer, your chances get higher to enjoy your vacation in Sevan, the beach resort of Armenia. Here you can camp at the beaches along the Sevan Lake. The most popular resorts are Harsnaqar Hotel, Best Western Bohemian Resort, and many other smaller facilities. Sevan offers different types of activities, ranging from swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing. The area also includes numerous campgrounds and picnic areas for daytime use. Now, pack your things and set off. Let spring seep into your senses! Stick out your tongue to catch and taste a few raindrops. You can use each of your senses to experience this wonderful season at its best!