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Sightseeing in Yerevan


Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is stepped in culture and heritage. Yerevan is one of the world’s oldest cities that has been continuously inhabited, making the city very rich in tradition and culture. A trip to Yerevan can bring you an amazing experience and a lot of fun for sure. The city offers a large variety of amusement for guests to enjoy all throughout the tour.

Yerevan is located near the Hrazdan River. Yerevan can be distributed into many districts while the center of the city is the most popular site for tourists there is more to Yerevan than the center of the city. The city center is called Kaghak or Kentron, it is the heart of not just the city but of Armenia as well.  Kentron has a wide range of architecture and the best way to explore it is on foot. The Republic Square and the Opera district are very popular tourist spots.

A variety of travel accommodation is available in Yerevan. Hotels in Yerevan tend to be quite expensive and Yerevan apartments are a good option for tourists. Short term rentals in Yerevan are easily available and are usually available in most parts of the city, if one wishes one can find a Yerevan apartment close to the city center as well. Short term rentals in Yerevan can be found online along with details such as location, amenities, facilities and more.

Drawing a plan of sightseeing can help you decide on a location and you can search for Yerevan apartments available on rent for tourists in the area. Short term rental in Yerevan are usually as comfortable as hotels and often provide facilities such as wireless internet, satellite television, fully equipped kitchen and a lot more.

Some popular sites in Yerevan are located away from the city center such as the monastery of Geghard. The monastery of Geghard is a religious site located a little more than a kilometer and a half away from the city. The monastery is a popular tourist destination even though it is quite a distance away from the city center. The monastery contains two parts, while the older part is made of rock; the other part is more modern in design. The nature surrounding of the monastery is also beautiful and the best time to visit it is between April and June.

Another popular sightseeing destination in Yerevan is Tsitsernakaberd. The monument is historically important to Armenia as the Tsitsernakaberd reminds one of the genocide in Armenia. Literally the name of the monument means fortress of swallows. It acts as a museum with details of the genocide and the names of places were Armenians were killed.  Many visit the site on April 24 to pay their homage. The monument as well as the museum is located atop a hill and a taxi is the best way to reach the destination.