Safe Stay: How Ginosi Properties Are Safest For Travelers

The Coronavirus pandemic will bring about permanent change to the hospitality landscape. It will also heavily influence guest expectations and what they consider most important in their travel experience. Health, safety and minimal interaction are set to become top priorities in the post-Coronavirus travel environment. GINOSI's business approach and experience put it in a unique position to offer hotel guests the safe environment they now value. Here's why.

    GINOSI Properties Are Managed Remotely

      Remote operation is at the center of our business model, and we've been doing it for more than a decade. GINOSI-managed hotels are operated remotely through our HIP (Hospitality Intelligence Platform) cloud, with minimal requirements for on-site management staff.

        Ginosi Officewarming

          GINOSI Properties Operate With The Smallest On-Site Teams

            As technology eliminates inefficiencies and enables remote operation, large on-site management and operations teams become unnecessary. So does unnecessary human interaction. This increases safety and significantly reduces the risk of contagion.

              Smallest On-Site Teams

                GINOSI Properties Replace Physical Guest-Staff Interaction With Virtual Services

                  GINOSI employs advanced and innovative technologies to replace hotel processes like Front-Desk operations with efficient automation. Interactive self-hosting kiosks handle guest check-in and check-out, and custom apps manage communication and support. Digital locks regulate access, so there are no keys that can cause worry about viruses being passed on.

                    Interactive Self-Hosting Kiosk

                      We Put Safety First

                        GINOSI properties put guest safety and health first. Staying at a Ginosi-managed hotel or apartel entails automated check-in and check-out, zero interaction with staff, and a wide set of virtual services, including guest communication and support. This constitutes unmatched value in the age of Coronavirus and dangerous pandemics.

                              Ginosi Hospitality Intelligence Platform

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