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Night Life in Tbilisi


Tbilisi has a very active nightlife. There are many elegant and popular night clubs, dozens of hangout spots where clubbers can relax. Tabidze, Shardeni and Irakli Abashidze Streets are the most active ones in Tbilisi. They are usually crowded with people all over the night.

I  remember my last week-end…It was Saturday…I just made one call and gathered all my friends to have a great time in our favorite “People’s” café in Tabidze Street…We had fruit tea and some cakes which are known for their delicious taste. The atmosphere in the café was fantastic as always. There was standing a white royal in the middle of the café yard and the calm music was indeed relaxing and pleasant to listen to after the hard working week….

It was midnight when a new idea came up to me…to go dancing somewhere…There were a lot of places we could go…Finally we decided to go the Shardeni St.,which is full of night clubs and bars…we entered Bamba Rooms where the most popular Georgian DJ Rambo ensures unforgettable time…This place is known for its exotic cocktails and all the colorits of music…The club is in black, red and golden colors, which make the place very glamorous and unusual…Bamba Rooms has a VIP zone too, which is  distinguished with its unique style. The VIP reservation costs from 200 to 500 laris (depending on the number of people ). Also you can buy a ticket and enter the club. Ticket costs about 20 Gel. As soon as you enter the club, you see a lot of people dancing and having a really good time.

On Sunday evening around 6 pm me and my friend went to Asian restaurant “Vong”, situated on Abashidze St..After having a really tasty super, we walked down to Shardeni St. to have some rest in “Two Side” Club. The music was so loud and so good, that it made us forget about time …so we left the club at 4 am.

Tbilisi city is famous for its traditional Georgian and European Restaurants. The restaurant “The Shadow of Methekhi” is a place which must be visited to taste the best Georgian food, to see the traditional Georgian dances and feel the real Georgian soul…The restaurant is built on the rock, so you can see the Mtkvari River and  Old Tbilisi from the its balconies. The restaurant “Piano” situated on Tabidze  Street is also known for its European dishes and unusual interior.

There are a lot of things to be told about the night life of Tbilisi. Our city can attract anybody who knows and understands what a real night life means.