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Life in Yerevan


The Armenian capital Yerevan is one of the oldest serving capitals of the world. The city is known for its history and heritage. There are plenty of galleries, libraries and museums in Yerevan, many of which record the rich culture and history of the city. Though it is one of the oldest cities of the world, the city itself is quite young and is known for its night life and night clubs.  During a trip to Yerevan one can opt to stay in Yerevan apartments instead of Yerevan hotels. Short term rentals in Yerevan are not difficult to find and are usually a much better deal as compared to hotels.

The beautiful city of Yerevan is studded with beautiful architectural delights and many buildings of the city are built with pink stone resulting in the city being called the pink city. The pink city is reminiscent of the former Soviet Era and was meant to be a reflection upon the young population of the city. The Erebuni Fortress which is almost three thousand years old is one of the best preserved fortresses of its period. One can find architecture representing the various periods of time and empire in Yerevan. Republic Square is a fine example of Soviet architecture.  The Opera building is a fairly famous landmark of the city as well, and the well-known Freedom Square is part of the Opera. The blue mosque is eighteenth century architecture of the Muslim Shia sect.

The municipality of Yerevan takes greenery of the city quite seriously as a result the green coverage of the city is improving with many parks, both new and old sprawling in the city. The most famous as well as the oldest park of Yerevan is Lovers' Park. Though old, the park has been renovated keeping in mind Armenian architectural style and mixing it with Japanese landscaping style. Besides the parks, the squares such as The Singing Fountains which are open to the public during spring and autumn are worth a visit, it offers an attractive fountain and light show. Many short term rentals are available close to the city’s center or one of the many popular squares.

While in Yerevan one must take a tour of the famous Ararat Cognac factory. There are plenty of churches in Yerevan, some quite old. These churches are open to the public from morning till evening and are worth a visit. One can even ask a priest to bless an object or a relationship. While in Yerevan, do try special Armenian pizzas called ‘lamhejoun’. Yerevan deserves to be explored over a considerable period of time therefore it would be wise to rent an apartment instead of a hotel.