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Learn Basic Georgian before You Travel to Georgia


No man should travel until he has learned the language of the country he visits. Otherwise he voluntarily makes himself a great baby - so helpless and so ridiculous.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of course Mr Emerson has a little overreacted here, as being a tourist in a foreign country is an adventure one of a type, but if you are going to live somewhere for longer than a week, it won't be bad to know some basic words and phrases of the local language. 

Georgia is a very nice and hospitable country. On my first trip there I was absolutely amazed at how people were patient and would accompany you up to your target place, no matter how busy they were. Georgians really get happy when they see you try to speak their language and are able to understand you even when you deform the words :)

Here is a list of most necessary word and phrases:

Greetings and Communication

Hello - gah-mahr-joh-bah( you can add a 't' at the end to make it formal)

How are you? - roh-goh-rah khahrt?

Fine, thank you - k'ahr-gahd, gmahd-lohbt

What is your name? - rah gkvee-ahd?

My name is... - cheh-mee sah-kheh-lee-ah...

Nice to meet you - dzah-lee-ahn sah-see-ah-mohv-noh-ah

Please - tu sheh-eedz-leh-bah

Thank you - gmahd-lohbt

You're welcome - ah-rah-prees

Yes - dee-akh (formal), k'ee (neutral), hoh or khoh (informal)

No - ah-rah

Excuse me - oo-k'ahts-rah-vahd (getting attention), boh-dee-shee (begging pardon)

Goodbye - nakh-vahm-dees

I can't speak "Georgian (well) - kahr-too-lee eh-nah ahr [k'ahr-gahd] vee-tsee

Do you speak English? - ng-lee-soo-ree ee-tseet?

Is there someone here who speaks English? - ahk veen-mee lah-p'ah-rah-kohbs eeng-lee-soo-rahd?

Help! - dah-meh-khmah-reht!

Good morning - dee-lah mshvee-doh-bee-sah

Good evening - sah-ghah-moh mshvee-doh-bee-sah

Good night - ghah-meh mshvee-doh-bee-sah

I don't understand - vehr gah-vee-geh

Where is the toilet? - sahd ah-rees t'oo-ah-leh-t'ee?

Eating Out

… please (a very simple and useful way of asking for anything) - … too sheh-eedz-leh-bah

Without salt - oo-mah-ree-loh

I'm a vegetarian - veh-geh-t'ah-ree-ah-nee vahr

I want … - meh … meen-dah

Chicken - kaht-mees khor-tsee

Beef - dzroh-khees khor-tsee

Fish - tehv-zee

Pork - ghoh-rees khor-tsee

Fruit - khee-lee

Bread - p'oo-ree

Coffee - q'ah-vah

Tea - chah-ee

Water - ts'q'ah-lee

Excuse me, waiter? - oo-k'ahts-rah-vahd, oh-pee-tsee-ahn-t'ee

It was delicious - dzah-lee-ahn gehm-ree-eh-lee ee-q'oh


Now - ahkh-lah

In the morning - dee-leet

In the afternoon - dghehs

In the evening - sah-ghah-mohs

At night - ghah-mehs

Minute - ts'oo-tee

Hour(s) - sah-ah-tee

Day(s) - dgheh

Week(s) - k'vee-rah

Month(s) - tveh

Year(s) - ts'eh-lee

It doesn't seem easy, but with a little effort it can be possible and will surely make your trip to Georgia more enjoyable and fun!